Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions to help you understand more about Yo Soy Ella, Inc. 
What are the fees for services/workshops?
There are no fees assessed with our services.
What’s the age group for workshops?
The age range for Yo Soy Ella, Inc.'s clients is 18-older. In the near future we will branch our services and launch a youth development program.
Is this organization only for Latina women?
Yes, this organization service women of any Latin descent.




Are services/workshops offered in Spanish and/or English?
Services will primarily be offered in Spanish; however we will accommodate the primary language preference of the client, either in English or Spanish.


How do I sign up? 
Click on the Contact Us tab, and email us your basic contact information and our staff will contact you and set up enrollment.



When and where are the workshops/services held?​

At this time services will be held bi-weekly, 2 days out that week for 2hrs. (2+2+2 concept). The workshops will be held at Benito Juarez High school on 1450-1510 W Cermak Rd. Chicago, Illinois, 60608

How can I refer someone?

Of course, referrals are welcomed. Click on the “Contact Us” tab, and email us your client’s, friend, or relative’s contact information and our staff will contact them and set up enrollment.


How do I give my support to Yo Soy Ella, Inc.?
We are a new growing organization and funding at this time is greatly appreciated. Click “Donate” tab and you can contribute your time by getting involved with the staff, monetary support, or volunteer with the projects that will be taken place.


I’m an organization interested in having your staff present workshops to our clients, how can Yo Soy Ella, Inc. assist?

We are more than happy to volunteer our time and assist other organizations educate their clients on life enrichment. Click on the “Contact Us” tab, provide us your contact information and our staff will contact you, with your interest and preferred workshop for your organization.



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Will Yo Soy Ella hold any upcoming community events?
Oh yes! Yo Soy Ella, Inc. is in the works of organizing our “Welcome to the Community Event” for August 2013. This event will allow Yo Soy Ella, Inc. to expose our mere existence, along with our mission, vision, and purpose for servicing our Latino community. This event will allow the community to be informed of the services, meet our staff and prospective partners.

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