Program overview


Mental wellness and awareness is the pillar of services Yo Soy Ella, Inc. offers. Mental Health contributes greatly to one’s overall well-being and quality of life. Within this focus, Yo Soy Ella, Inc. enacts as a supportive system with those seeking entrepreneurial and life peer-mentorship, educational resources for Domestic Violence and Immigration needs. Aligning our services to impact the Latina's prevalent needs is how we promote advocacy, community, and social justice for the marginalized and underserved. 


If we don’t offer a program designed for you, We are more than willing to refer you to an organization that can. See Calendar for specific events.

Educational Enrichment: 

Our educational services vary in areas of Mental Health and Domestic Violence awareness, self-advocacy through community activism of higher learning educational-barriers affecting the Latino community.

Because mental illness often manifest itself during teenage years or early-adulthood, it's not uncommon for symptoms to appear during collegiate years. Persons with overwhelming barriers to higher learning fall victim to mental and emotional instability. In this sense, support groups, such as YSE and on campus or surrounding community, is vital for stability and extra-support.

YSE will provide educational support in the following areas: 

  • Mental Health and various diagnosis (Stigma is the highest reasons why Latinos don't seek MH services, 

  • Domestic Violence (DV is a prevalent concern within the Latina community as many women suffer in silence)

  • "The Pa'Lante Sin Miedo" campaign project, is part of YSE, designed for undocumented students|immigrants w/educational barriers. This also includes the fight against I.C.E intimidation and illegal raids.

  • Integration/Acculturation (some women never leave their community due to fear of raids and anxiety).

  • Self-Advocacy  (empowering women to become advocates and voices in the areas that mostly affect their family system, aka, obesity, Domestic Violence, unfair work conditions, etc).

Spiritual Empowerment:

Participants will foster their spiritual beliefs, strengths and practices; unfold their purpose and self-identity through self-development, leadership and social-engagement workshops.

YSE will assist women to achieve the deep understanding and meaning of seeking higher power through an integrated form of mental health, which encompasses the mind body and spirit, through prayer journals, discussions/teachings, meditation practices.


Research shows, that Espiritismo (Spirituality), is a spiritual belief system practiced amongst Latinos, which is centered within their cultural traditions towards healing and sustainability. 


Below are the following direct services that will be offered within this focus:

  • Brunches

  • Workshops

  • “Cafecitos”  (coffee & conversation)

  • Refine cultural norms

  • Spiritual insight/meditation

  • Book discussion and exchange

  • Candlelight & Conversations

  • Individual|Group Therapy

  • Mother and Daughter group therapy

Entrepreneur Mentorship:


This program will provide participants, regardless of legal status and/or socioeconomic background, with entrepreneurship tools, financial literacy, networking opportunities and leadership skills to support and empower Latina women to obtaining economic self-sufficiency.


There is unprecedented stressors/barriers that affect the entrepreneurial spirit and hope in obtaining financial independence and resources toward the journey of entrepreneurship. 

Mental health checks will keep one balanced and aware of how to cope with negative unwarranted emotions. Techniques to assist with these checks include, meditation, open conversations, exercising with a partner, or attending a workshop tailored to a specific struggle.

Below are few options to explore with YSE within your level of interest and readiness, which will allow room for clarity, optimism, and more creativity! 

  • Mentorship 

  • Workshops – Creating 2nd form of income and how to utilize local resources to generate earnings.

  • Unleash/Explore hidden talents

  • Ideas/Pitch expo

  • Provide assistance into the "triangle systems" or multi-marketing ploys that drains funds and sense of hope

  • Creating leadership roles and identifying key competencies.

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